[Important announcement of “Girls’ Universe” “CITIZENS” recruitment]

Hello! “MEPC”, “Girls’ Universe” & “GBK Entertainment” lovers! This is our official announcement.

“Girls’ Universe” is a global fan platform for K-pop girl group trainees and is recruiting voters to select debut members through direct voting by global fans. And we call these voting groups as “CITIZENS”.

Those selected in this “CITIZENS” recruitment will receive “Girl’s Universe” official citizenship certificate, and only “CITIZENS” with this certificate can participate in “MEPC” debut membership voting.

[“CITIZENS” recruitment and certificate issuance application process]

1. Installing ‘Metamask’ wallet and adding ‘Polygon Mainnet’

(You can find out how to install the ‘Metamask’ wallet at the link below.)

(You can find out how to add the ‘Polygon Mainnet’ at the link below.)

2. Join the ‘OpenSea’ membership (connect wallet(metamask))

(The purpose of ‘OpenSea’ membership join is to use ‘OpenSea’ service because the form of “Citizen Certificate” to be received is NFT)

3. Application for issuance of “Citizen Certificate”

(Please proceed to the “citizenship certificate” issuance application form at the bottom of this page.)

[Information of limited period and number of “CITIZENS”]

1. “CITIZENS” recruitment period: july 1, 2023 to TBA

2. No of recruitment: 1,000 people on a first-come, first-served basis (additional recruitment is possible as MEPC’s awareness expands)

[Information on how to use it after issuing a “Citizen Certificate”]

1. Issuance and final receipt of a “Citizen Certificate” – Receipt can be confirmed at opensea.io

2. Vote to select “MEPC” debut members using “Citizen Certificate” on “Girls Universe” official website

[ Girls’ Universe Citizen Certificate issuance application ]

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중복해서 여러번 신청하면 스팸으로 간주되어 신청이 삭제 될수 있습니다.
If you apply multiple times in duplicate, it may be considered as spam and your application may be deleted.
ex) 0xEC56F13726f626b08E654139C122FABfcC713748
지갑주소가 올바르지 않으면 시민 증서를 받을 수 없습니다. 꼭 확인 후 입력하세요.
If the wallet address is incorrect, you cannot receive the citizenship certificate. Please confirm and enter
오픈시 가입여부 (opensea.io register)
메타마스크를 설치하고 오픈시에 가입을 해야 시민 인증서를 발급 받을 수 있습니다. You must install ‘Metamask’ and sign up for ‘OpenSea’ to get a “Citizen Certificate”.
최애돌(Bias): 이것은 투표가 아닙니다.(This is not a vote)